Sunday, October 19, 2008


CALL TO ORDER: President Julie Standen called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
Twenty-seven members were present with one guest, Peggy Kaan, the new postmistress.

MINUTES: Minutes of the September 11, 2008, meeting were approved.

TREASURER: The ending balance for this month is $2086.39. There was no income deposited. Expenses included Library to Jan Weisser, $99.09, and Quilting the 2009 CITH raffle quilt to Beverly Carlson, $100.00.

LIBRARIAN: Jan reported that Beth Mazzella has donated Blanket Statements and Quilters Get Organized to the library. Free magazines and patterns from both Beth and Sandy Taylor are available to whoever wants them. The AQS order sheet was circulated.

HISTORIAN: no report


Beth Mazzella will do a lesson on folded fabric tonight.
The next workday will be November 1. Lunch will be potluck.
The next Quilt Block Giveaway will be at the December meeting. Blocks should have a Christmas theme, but may be any size or any shape – “anything goes”
UFO’s should be done by the November meeting.
The fourth Block of the Quarter pattern was distributed.


NEWSLETTER: Distribution errors have been corrected.

2008 CITH Raffle Quilt: The quilt is now displayed at HeartSong Quilt Shop. Thank you Ann! Ann has the raffle tickets numbered and in envelopes with pictures. Be sure to pick up your packets from her.

2009 CITH Raffle Quilt: No report.

Guild Blog/Email site: In the absence of Sue Cleland, Dee Watson has agreed to take on this task with back-up from Karen Meston. Helen will take photos at CITH. Sue will probably also make additions from her Arizona location.

Tuesday Group: Several quilters meet on Tuesday mornings about 9:00 at the State Home. They have tied quilts for some of the State Home residents and also work on their own projects.
Signature Quilt: Beth needs all blocks now (clap, clap). The quilt will be finished this year (clap, clap). Plans are to tie the quilt at the November workday so that it can be displayed at CITH. It will probably go to the Pioneer Museum.


Caroline presented the following slate of officers for election: President, Julie Standen; Vice-President, Ginny Coates; Secretary, Caroline Standen; Treasurer, Delores Hickman; Program, Sue Cleland with a committee consisting of Bobbie Augustine, Cora Fugier, and Joan Nettinga; Librarian, Jan Weisser; Historian, Helen Schillinger; and Newsletter, Karen Meston.
Elaine offered a motion that the entire slate be elected. Beth seconded. Motion passed!
Bobbie will present the 2009 program at the December meeting.


Congratulations to Ann and Brian Powers on the opening of HeartSong!
Bobbie has agreed to chair the Christmas in the Hills show; Joan will help with publicity. Members should plan to sign up in November if they are willing to help at the show and what they expect to display at the show. Karen will check on the form for information labels used last year so that labels can be distributed at the November meeting. Julie will contact the Mueller Civic Center regarding the room and the rental cost. Old and new officers should plan to have the annual “board” meeting and plan the 2009 budget during the CITH show.
Ginny will contact Randy at the State Home regarding decorating a Christmas tree again this year. The 2007 decorations have been stored at the State Home so the tree can be decorated after the November meeting if all is in order with the State Home. The Tuesday Group agreed to take down the decorations early in January.
A photo of the project for the January work day was distributed along with a sign-up sheet. Patterns need to be ordered for this project. The date needs to be confirmed with the State Home.


1. Please let Helen know if you have quilts to hang, as we need three each month. Quilts are needed for November.
2. Deb Winter attended the Black Hills Quilters Retreat Oct. 3-5 and had a great time.
3. Remember to make a Sunbonnet Sue block for Linda Vossberg. The 12 ½ inch blocks will be collected by Ruth. Be sure to sign your block.
4. The Minnekahta Quilters Guild website can be accessed at .
5. Free fabric is available on the side table.
6. Ann reported that opening day at HeartSong was awesome. Several people have requested lessons. Please contact Ann if you are interested in teaching beginning machine quilting or beginning hand quilting. She also had requests for quilts to buy; contact her if you are interested in consigning quilts. There were also requests for someone to make a T-shirt quilt and for someone to make drapes.
7. A scissors sharpener will be at HeartSong Quilts on October 30 from 4:00 until 6:00. Prices vary from $4.00 to $13.00 depending on the size of the scissors.
8. Nancy asked for information on how to wash photo transfer quilts without the photos disappearing. Suggestions included cleaning the quilt by vacuuming through a screen or by fluffing it in the dryer. It was also suggested that the owner search for more information on the Internet.
9. Dorothy passed on the program folder from Sue to Joan.

NEXT MEETING: The next business meeting will be November 13 at 7 pm.

NEXT WORKDAY: The November workday will be November 1.

ADJOURN: Meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

DEMONSTRATION: Beth demonstrated how to create tucked fabric to use in quilts.


Marilyn Rowley: Figuoro bag, Weston charms table topper
Caroline Standen: Round Robin
Jan Weisser: Mom’s Quilt (UFO), Sunbonnet Sue block
M.J. Varick: Scrap Therapy
Elaine Anderson: Peter’s Log Cabin (UFO)
Beth Mazzella: Timtex wall hanging; Army throw
Helen Schillinger: Applique quilt
Carolyn Terrill: Lila wall quilt
Lynda Andersen: Christmas Lights (UFO)
Ruth Angerhofer: Wall hanging (Challenge by Nuts and bolts); third Rosemaling block
Shirley Green: Sunbonnet Sue block for Linda Vossberg
Gloria Korell: table runner; Red Hat bag


Saturday, Nov. 1– This is a work on your own project day. As always, remember to bring a potluck dish to share.

Thursday, November 13, 7:00 p.m. Regular monthly business meeting.

If you starch the back of your fabrics before cutting, avoid starch buildup on your ironing board cover. Cover the board with an old towel or a length of muslin and wash that when needed.

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