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May, 2009 Newsletter


May 14, 2009

President Julie Standen called the meeting to order at 7 PM. There were 27 members present. Two guests were present: Jeanie Wyatt and her daughter.

MINUTES: Lorna moved to approve the minutes from the March12, 2009 meeting, with Delores seconding the motion. No discussion. Unanimous approval.

TREASURER: Delores presented the financial report. The current balance is $2,666.14. There was $155 income and $34.55 in expenses.

LIBRARIAN: Jan reported that Marilyn R. and Sue have donated books to the library. A new list of all the books is posted on the door. Dorothy donated a mini iron, and it is in the library. Jan sent around the order forms for books. Julie brought in books and polyfil for give away and/or donation to the library.

HISTORIAN: There was no historian report. Helen stated that she had enough quilts to hang this next month.

PROGRAM: The April 4 Challenge Quilt work day was re-scheduled to May 2. Cora reported that 12 people took the class. Cora brought in copies of the challenge for any members who did not take the class. Cora also had a handout on how to make blocks in different sizes.

Service Project: Joan presented an idea that her friend from Phoenix did with her quilt group. It is a project that can be used by law enforcement or in shelters. The guild made tote bags, and filled them with coloring books and crayons. These would be handed out to children in shelters or when removed from homes, to give the children some projects/distractions from their situation.

The Block of the Month drawing will continue, and the winner will be drawn at the end of the meeting tonight. Be sure to be thinking of a theme, should your name be drawn.

Beth stated that the June 13 work day would be for working on more Charity Quilts. There are still a number of quilt tops, as well as strips, that need to be made into quilts. More batting is needed for these charity quilts. Several charity quilts from the last work day have been completed and are on display in the State Home auditorium. Two twin size quilts will be donated to the State Home, and some of the smaller ones will be donated to the Sheriff’s Department.
Sue spoke about the pot luck for the June 13 work day. To add a little fun to the potluck, those attending are invited to bring a picture of a quilt block pertaining to the food item they bring. Sue passed around list of food themed quilt blocks. This list will be included with the newsletter.

Sue also sent around a survey, asking members for their ideas for classes for next year’s program. Sue will pass this list around at the next couple of meetings. With an idea of what classes members might like, it will help the program committee when it comes time for setting their budget, and scheduling teachers.

July 18 will be the Leaf Shadow Class. Bobbie passed around the sign-up sheet. There is room for 20 people in the class. The cost is not known at this time, but Bobbie wouldn’t anticipate it to be much more than $20. The instructor will provide the fabric. The supply list will be in the newsletter.

2009 CITH Raffle Quilt: The raffle quilt was displayed at HeartSong during the shop hop. It is currently at Karen’s home. Ann has the tickets at the shop. Everyone is encouraged to sell as many books of tickets as they can. Turn your sold tickets and money in to Ann. It was discussed where the quilt should next be displayed. Caroline will see about the availability of displaying at the bank in Lynn’s Dakota Mart. Sue has taken pictures of the quilt. These pictures will be attached to the envelopes of tickets, so when selling the tickets, there will be a picture to show to the buyers.

2010 CITH Raffle Quilt: Beth reported that she has the nine patch center put together. She has enough nine patch blocks left over to make another quilt top. The inner borders are now on, and the next step is to put the “kids” blocks on. Please turn in your “kids” blocks by the June meeting. Beth hopes to have quilt on the frame in July. This will be a queen sized quilt.

Tuesday Group: This group meets in the State Home auditorium about 9 AM each Tuesday. It is an informal group and everyone is invited to attend.


Membership list: A list of all the members has gone out by email. If you did not get a list, and would like one, please get with Delores.

Update By-Laws: Cindy Reed has already volunteered to be on this committee, but two or three more volunteers are needed. Julie, Ginny, Elaine and Marilyn R. volunteered to be on this committee.


Shop Hop: Several guild members participated in the Black Hills Bloomers Shop Hop held April 4 – 11. All reported to have had a great time. Some of the members even won drawings: Jan won at the Quilt Connection; Karen won at Nuts & Bolts; and Laurna won at the Sewing Center.

There was no other new business.


1. Passionate Quilter’s Retreats are held at the Outlaw Ranch. You can email and ask to get on their mailing list or go to www.losd.org for a schedule of events. This information has been sent to all in an email on March 24. An idea for next year’s Program might be to schedule a guild retreat.

2. Black Hills Quilt Show will be at the Civic Center June 5 through 7. On the Friday and Saturday, the hours are 9 AM to 5 PM, and on Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM. For more information, go to www.blackhillsquilters.org.

3. Let Helen know if you have quilts to hang. We need three each month.

4. Laurna reported on a visit she had with the Social Worker from the Head Start Program. She asked if the guild would be interested in making book bags for this next school year. She would like at least 24 drawstring, washable bags, measuring 18” by 24”. These would be for children of both sexes, between the ages of 1 and 5. Get with Laurna for more details, and if you would like to help with this project.

5. Guild Blog/Email site: Be sure to check each month for any changes. Address is http://minnekahtaquiltguild.blogspot.com.

6. Classes at Heart Song:
May 30 is the French Braid class from 9 AM until Noon. The cost is $25.
July 11 will be Strips and Curves class from 9 AM until 5 PM. The cost is $45.
There are openings available in both classes.

NEXT BUSINESS MEETING: The next business meeting will be June 11 at 7 PM.

NEXT WORKDAY: June 13. Charity quilts or work on your own. Don’t forget to bring potluck, and a picture of a quilt square to go with the food item.

ADJOURN: Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.

BLOCK DRAWING: Gloria won the block drawing and has chosen “flowers” as her theme. These should be on an off white background and measure 12-1/2 inches.


Caroline Standen: Eskimo block; Marilyn’s block; Kids block.
Julie Standen: Katie’s quilt; Donation quilt; Dorothy’s block; and Marilyn’s block.
Laurna Nelson: Two purses; Class quilt; Curtain; Eskimo block; Christmas stocking for Ann’s store; Prairie queen block.
Bobbie Augustine: English paper piece quilt – UFO.
Ginny Coates: Eskimo block; Marilyn’s block; three pillow tops for church auction.
Sue Cleland: Eskimo block; Marilyn’s block.
Helen Schillinger: Eskimo block; Marilyn’s block; Star quilt.
Beth Mazella: Blocks; Rooster; Blue jays wall hanging – UFO.
Joan Nettinga: Lady of the Lake – UFO.
Carolyn Terrill: Kids block.
Gloria Korell: Christmas table runners; table runner, apron, and potholder.
Delores Hagman: UFO quilt; Eskimo block; Snowflake block; Prairie queen block.
Cora Fugier: Marilyn’s block; Dorothy’s block; two club quilt blocks; Joann’s quilt.
Judy Gifford: Marilyn’s block; Dorothy’s block; Heart and flower quilt for Project Warm.
Elaine Anderson: Prairie queen block; Eskimo Sue block; Two challenge quilt tops; Table topper-UFO.
Jan Weisser: Prairie queen block; Eskimo Sue block; Snowflake blocks.
Marilyn Rowley: Eskimo Sue block
Ruth Angerhofer: Rose quilt; Jacobean appliqué valance.
Arlene Mitchard: Giant dahlia.
Nancy Cuckler: Eskimo block; Marilyn’s block; Shop hop flower wall hanging.
Dorothy Denison: Marilyn’s block.
Pat Cerney: Star blocks of the month quilt; Son’s quilts.
Jeanie Wyatt: Spools; Daughters quilt.
Peggy Kaan: Marilyn’s block.
Jan Moeller: Eskimo block; Marilyn’s block.


Saturday, June 13 – This is a continuation of the charity quilt projects. Bring your machine and other sewing tools. We will be completing quilts in progress as well as making additional quilts. Bring a potluck dish to share and remember to bring a quilt pattern related to the dish you bring to share.

Thursday, June 11, 7:00 p.m. Regular monthly business meeting.

Quilt Blocks with Food Related Names

Bird’s Nest Birds in the Air
Buckwheat Cake Stand
Churn Dash Corn and Beans
Cracker Expanding Star
Flying Geese Garden Maze
Milky Way Pineapple
Snowball Apple Hexagon
Cherry Basket Flying Fish
Forbidden Fruit Tree French Basket
Fruit Basket Gourd Vine
Grape Basket Grapes and Vines
Hen and Chickens Ice Cream Bowl
Imperial Tea Lady Fingers
Mary’s Garden Mexican Rose
Olive Branch Orange Peel
Pickle Dish Pinwheels
Poppy Strawberry
Sugar Bowl Sugar Loaf
Tea Leaf

To add sparkle to dull fabric combinations, try adding a bright color, a large print, a fabric with a tiny white print on a darker background, or replace one of your fabrics with a stripe or a check.

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