Friday, September 11, 2009

Press Release to Hot Springs Star

Here's the press release sent to the Hot Springs Star regarding the quilts we worked on for the Veteran's Home, the Sheriff's Dept. and Social Services. The pictures here are of those quilts and the presentation.

When you are frightened, or hurt, feeling alone and unsure, getting a loving hug or being wrapped in something soft and warm can be a welcome antidote. The Minnekahta Quilters’ Guild recently presented 13 quilted ‘hugs’ to organizations in the Hot Springs community. The SD State Veterans’ Home, represented by Randy Meyers, was the beneficiary of 4 quilts designated for veteran residents in the Men’s’ Home. At the same time, Fall River County Sheriff Jeff Tarrell accepted 5 quilts and stuffed toys for children who are in contact with his office. The SD Department of Social Services also received 4 quilts and toys for children in their care. Social Services was represented by Dena Harrod, Jenny Disher and her daughters Stormy and Nina at the Guild presentation.
Guild President Julie Standen said: “While the primary purpose of the guild is to promote quilting and educate our members, what better way to accomplish those goals than by sharing what we enjoy.” All the fabric and related materials were donated by members of the guild. Quilters sewed and shared in 3 work days plus countless hours at home putting together blocks and quilting. Guild members had not only the fun of sewing, they learned and tried new ideas, laughed a lot, and build stronger friendships which made these gifts truly antidotes to hard times.
The Guild meets monthly, the second Thursday of each month, at 7 pm, in the auditorium of the State Veterans Home. Quilters, those interested in or wanting to learn to quilt are welcome to join them.

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