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February Newsletter

February 10, 2011

CALL MEETING TO ORDER: President Elaine Anderson called the meeting to order at 6:59 PM. There were 31 members present.

NEW MEMBER: Welcome New Member Brenda Moore.

MINUTES: Laurna made a motion to accept the minutes from the January 13, 2011 meeting and Pat Scheltens seconded the motion. No discussion. Unanimous approval.

TREASURER: Laurna presented the financial report. The current balance is $4482.27. Income this month was $390.00 from 2011 dues. Expenses Paid were $893.59: State Veterans Home $800.00, 2011 Raffle Quilt supplies $48.72, Totes for hanging sheets for quilts $16.07, South Dakota Quilters Guild Dues $20.00 and Postage Stamps $8.80. A motion was made by Ginny and seconded by Deloris Hagman to approve the financial report as written. No discussion. Unanimous approval.


VP: Ginny passed around the signup sheet for quilts to be hung in 2011. She needed three quilts for each month.

March: Laurna and Ginny

April: Sandy, Sheryl and Jan

Librarian: There were two magazines added and AQS Magazine order passed around.

Historian: There was no historian’s report.


Beth announced that Saturday March 5, 2011 is the next workday and it will be a work on your own day.

Beth mentioned that March 19 is National Quilting Day and the Library will be hosting a Quilt In. They would like quilts to Display March 8-March 22, Set up will be March 8th. A sign up list was sent around.

Beth also announced that “The Structure and Improvisation” is on display at Casper, Wyoming and includes Nancy Crow, Rosalie Dace, Michael James and Paula Nadelsterm. It will be in Casper January 21- May 1.

Beth said she is able to set up a date if enough interest is generated for a road trip, for either Friday March 4 or Friday April 1st. She would be sending a signup sheet around.

Pat announced that the Round Robin challenge for 2011 has been started and reminded us that the next round is a minimum 3” Border and must be more than just a strip of fabric. It must include a design or be pieced.


INVENTORY: Julie stated that she and Pat C. are almost completed with the inventory. They are in need of knowing what everybody has of the Guilds; at their homes, in storage or use to finish up.

CHARITY QUILTS: Ginny sent a list around to be added to, of any places or persons you can think of to add to the list of possible “in need Recipients”.

OLD BUSINESS: Elaine reminded the guild that Past Block Drawing Blocks owed to others from the last two years are due to their recipients by next month (March), which will give everybody time to get their quilts made for Display at “Christmas in the Hills”.

NEW BUSINESS: Elaine had received a call from Amy Alan in need of wanting someone to make her 2 Memory Quilts in Wall hanging sizes; she has many Ties, T-shirts and caps to be used. She may be contacted at 890-1118 or 745-1890.

2012 Raffle Quilt: The 2012 Raffle Quilt is almost done. Beth showed it during the meeting, and the borders are cut and lines drawn for the appliqué. Karen is cutting the bias.

Summer Show: Elaine asked if the Members would be interested in a Quilt Show this summer. A motion was made by Ann and seconded by Laurna to have Brian and Ann investigate the possibility of having a Summer Quilt Show. All in favor, Motion carried.

Dues: Dues are $15.00 for the year and are due now.


1. Fabric for the taking: Misc. fabrics on table for whomever to take, anything left will be stripped and used in dog beds.

Announcements from Members:

1. Judy Gifford announced that she is now starting to Quilt for Hire. She is offering at this time Edge to Edge quilting and Pantograph quilting, she may be reached at her email or home 605-787-4917.

2. Karen Meston announced that the State Home Medicaid Review passed with flying colors. Karen also stated that funding for the New State Home in Hot Spring passed the House.

NEXT BUSINESS MEETING: The next business meeting is March 10, 2011 at 7 PM. Plan to come early (5 PM) for brown bag social.

NEXT WORKDAY: The next workday is March 5, 2011 at 9 AM. Don’t forget a potluck item. It will be a Work on Your Own Day.

ADJOURN: Julie moved to adjourn the meeting and Pat C. seconded the motion. Passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 7:36.

BLOCK DRAWING: The block drawing was won by Margaret. She chose a couple of 4 ½” Sampler Blocks in 30’s fabrics with a Crème background.

PROGRAM: Brian and Ann Powers from HeartSong Quilts showed new fabrics, items, patterns and items made at HeartSong Quilts, and announced upcoming classes being offered.


Judy Gifford: Quilted Mini Bow Tuck Purse/bag; Horse Parade Wall hanging; Friendship block for Pat Martin; Black and Red #43 Quilt; Empty Spool Friendship block for Rosa lea; Half full Spool Block Friendship block for Rosa lea; Full Spool Friendship block for Rosa lea; Farmers Wife 4” block #51; Farmers Wife block 4” #52

Elaine Anderson: Fall River Twister; Banty Babes; Round Robin Center; Pat’s block; Halloween UFO Project

Laurna Nelson: Tea Cup’s; Round Robin block; Pat’s block

Pat Martin: Christmas block for Jan Weisser; Christmas block for Judy Gifford; Bird block for Karen Meston; Round Robin block

Deloris Hickman: Funky Christmas Tree; 2 Alaskan pillowcases; Christmas block for Jan W; block for Pat Martin

Pat Cerney: Mont. Quilt; Pat Martin’s block

Caroline Standen: Scrappy Heart Wall hanging; Round Robin block; Bag

Karen Meston: Judy Gifford’s Christmas block; Pearl’s Hummingbird block; Jan Weisser’s Christmas block

Helen Schillinger: Pat Martin’s block

Margaret Bartolome: Pat Martin’s block

Sandy Taylor: Round Robin Square

Sheryl Brost: Pat Martin’s block; Valentine Table Runner

Pearl Risinger: 2 blocks for Pat Martin;

Deloris Hagman block; Stained Glass Window block; Flip Flop Quilt; Table Runner; Candle Holder

Ann Powers: Round Robin Square; Big-Stitch Grandmothers Garden (preprinted cloth)

Carolyn Terrill: Pat Martins block; Tea Set Quilt; 4 House Wall hanging

Deloris Hagman: Round Robin; Pat Martin block

Cora Fugier: Pat’s Block; 12 Heart blocks for scrappy heart quilt

Bobbie Augustine: Antique Quilt; Pat Martin Block; 2 Heart Table Toppers

Cindy Reed: Round Robin starting block

Beth Mazzella: 2 Wall Hangings; Pat’s block; Round Robin block

Shirley Green: Peacock Bed Runner; Scrap Heart Block

Julie Standen: Dorothy D Quilt; Candy colored Christmas lap quilt; Baby blanket; Round robin center block; Fair block- Country farm; Pat Martin block

Marilyn Rowley: Round robin block; Pat Martin block

Ginny Coates: Round robin block; Pat Martin’s block; Blue and Brown quilt for love; Valentine Table Runner


Thursday, March 10, 7:00 p.m. Regular monthly business meeting. Don’t forget to come and socialize and work on a project anytime after 5:00 P.M. Bring a sack lunch.

Saturday, March 5, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. –This is a work on your own day. Remember to bring a potluck dish to share.

Tips: Remove fabric or quilts from the dryer before they are completely dry. Fabric is easier to iron when the wrinkles haven’t been hard set by the heat, and slightly damp quilts can be laid out and squared up on the floor. There’s also less wear on the finish of the materials.

National Quilting Day:

March 19th is National Quilting Day. The Guild will have a "quilt-in" at the Hot Springs Library from 1-2 pm. If you would like to join us, please contact Beth via email at or 745-6548.

To expand our celebration, we will also have an exhibit in the Fireside Room of the Library from March 8 to March 22. We are looking for a couple more lap quilts, and 4 or so wall hangings. If you have one you would like displayed, again, contact Beth. Thanks for your help in showcasing quilting in Hot Springs.

Casper Trip:

We plan to travel on March 4 (snow date April 1), leaving United Churches parking lot at 7 am. We currently have 2 cars going. We should arrive at the Nic in Casper around 10-10:30. That gives us 3/4 to 1 hour to get settled and look around. The curator Lisa, has been asked to give us a short presentation about the exhibit around 11:15.

We will order sandwiches from Grant Street and partake of the Nic at Noon program. We then have some more time to return to the exhibit, or other exhibits, the gift shop or... We plan to depart Casper 4ish to be back in Hot Springs 7ish...

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