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November Newsletter


November 11, 2010

CALL MEETING TO ORDER: Vice-President Ginny Coates called the meeting to order at 7 PM. There were 21 members present. There were no guests.

MINUTES: The minutes from the October 4, 2010 meeting were read. Karen Meston requested that the minutes be changed to state that Larry Wilcox is the superintendent of the State Home. Karen moved that the minutes be approved with this correction and Beth seconded the motion. No discussion. Unanimous approval.

TREASURER: Delores Hickman presented the financial report. The current balance is $3,742.62. Income this month was $61 from the sale of raffle tickets. Expenses paid were $25 to the American Quilters Society and $222.60 to the Mueller Center for CITH. Cindy moved to approve the treasurer’s report and Bobbie seconded the motion. No discussion. Unanimous approval. Ginny asked if there were any outstanding bills and Delores stated that there was one for the purchase of the quilt stand, and it will be paid prior to the audit of the books.
Ginny reported that Margaret Bartolome has a new phone number which is 605-440-1687.

Delores reported that we have two new members:

Linda Weed
27452 Pass Rd.
Hot Springs, SD 57747

Karen Phelan
PO Box 937
Hot Springs, SD 57747

Delores reminded members that she has raffle tickets for the 2010 raffle quilt, and asked that members turn in any money from the sale of tickets.

VP: Quilts hung for November were provided by Cindy, Jan Weisser and Mary Sue. December quilts will be provided by Marilyn, Peggy and Sandy. Ginny passed around the sign up sheet for the quilts to be hung during 2011.
Librarian: Carolyn passed around the order form for the last time in 2010.
Historian: There was no historian’s report.
Program: Beth has palettes from the Decorative Painters Guild for decorating. These will be hung on the library Christmas tree. If you are interested in decorating one or more, see Beth. The decorated palettes need to be retuned to Beth by November 30.

There will be no block of the month drawing tonight for December. Our Christmas party is December 9 and the theme is a Christmas Tea Party. Beth has brought patterns of tea cups and tea pots, and members are asked to make as many blocks of these as they wish. The background color is to be off white and the cups and pots are to be soft colors. For each block that a member brings to the Christmas party, that members name will be placed in a drawing to win a tea service. Depending on the number of blocks returned there may be more than one winner of a tea service. If you have questions, contact Beth. Besides bringing your completed tea service blocks to the Christmas party, we are each asked to bring our own teacup and saucer and a dessert.

Beth stated that the Program Committee has put together a tentative schedule of meetings and work days for 2011 and this has been sent to the State Home for their approval. Please note that the January work meeting will be on the second Saturday (January 8) as New Years Day is on the first Saturday.

CITH: Chairman Pat Cerney passed around sign up sheets for the CITH shows. She asks members to sign up for hanging and taking down the show, as well as members to sell tickets at the show on December 4. Also, members were asked to list the quilt items they plan to show along with the approximate size of the project.

Cindy Reed will arrange for the pipes used for hanging quilts to be delivered to the Mueller Center. Hanging will start by 8:30 AM on Friday, December 3. You may drop your quilts off at Heart Song prior to Friday or at the Mueller Center no later than 8:30 AM on December 4. Labels for the quilts will be available with the newsletter, at Heart Song and at the Mueller Center.

Christmas tree at the State Home: Sheryl has been in contact with Barb Beery regarding decorating a tree. Barb indicated that they do want a tree decorated, but will get back to Sheryl with the specifics. To date, Sheryl has not heard back from Barb, so she will call Barb. Sheryl asked the Tuesday morning group if they would be willing to do the decorating and they indicated that they would. Sheryl will let them know the day and time.

Budget Meeting: The meeting for the 2011 budget will be held at the Mueller Center on Saturday, December 4 at 1 PM. All current and new officers are requested to attend this meeting.
Audit Committee: Karen Meston and Stacy Martin have volunteered to audit the books. This will be completed prior to the January 2011 guild meeting.

1. Heart Song will be having their annual market party on Friday, November 19.
There is still time to call and reserve your spot for the party.
2. Karen informed guild members that she has raffle tickets for the quilts made for the Lisa Edgar benefit. If you are interested in purchasing tickets, please see Karen. The benefit will be held November 13.
3. Sheryl reminded everyone of the high school play tonight and tomorrow night which is being directed by Marilyn. The title of the play is Home Front.
4. Elaine was not here tonight as her mother-in-law was taken ill. She is doing better now and is home.
5. Jan’s first knee replacement has been done and she is doing well. She is scheduled to have the other knee replaced on November 17. We wish her well.
6. Bobbie stated that there will be a breast cancer survivors Pink Glove Dance at Mt. Rushmore on Wednesday
November 17 at 7:30 AM. This event will be taped and shown on U-Tube sometime in the future. If you are interested in participating get with Bobbie to make transportation arrangements.

NEXT BUSINESS MEETING: The next business meeting is December 9, 2010 at 7 PM. Plan to come early (5 PM) for brown bag social. This will be our Christmas party. Don’t forget to bring a dessert, a teacup and saucer, and tea service blocks.

NEXT WORKDAY: There will be no work day in December as that is the date of our CITH show.

ADJOURN: Laurna moved to adjourn the meeting and Pat seconded the motion. Passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

BLOCK DRAWING: There was no block drawing.

PROGRAM: Beth presented tonight’s program, and the topic was color. Color is what first catches the eye on a quilt. The characteristics of color (or hue) are: value which is how light or dark the color is; tint which is color with white added to it; and shade which is color with a dark tone. A committee decides the “in” colors for an upcoming year as well as names the colors. The “in” colors for 2011 are neutrals, pinky corals, and a variety or reds, greens, and blues. Big prints are in as well as ethnic and culturally themed prints.

Caroline Standen: 4 little wall hangings.
Ginny Coates: Christmas block for Judy and a Christmas block for Jan.
Delores Hickman: Name tag; hexagon flower print holder; and oversized purse.
Pat Cerney: Name tag; 2 Christmas wall hangings; 3 Alaska pot holders; Jan’s
Christmas block.
Sheryl Brost: 2 Christmas blocks for the 2011 raffle quilt; one block for Jan.
Marilyn Rowley: Christmas block for Jan; block for Pat C.
Mary Sue Waxler: Appliqu├ęd bag; display quilt; 4 memorial wall hangings.
Helen Schillinger: Thimble and Christmas blocks.
Margaret Bartolome: Blue bird house block for Karen; basket block for Sheryl; green
and cream block for Julie; iris for Ginny; basket for Marilyn; hummingbird for
Pearl; and Christmas block for Jan.
Jan Weisser: Thimble for Pat; building for Deloris Hagman; and Christmas block for
Judy Gifford.
Laurna Nelson: English paper piecing bag.
Bobbi Augustine: Blocks for Jan; falling leaves quilt; and spring paper pieced
wall hanging.
Carolyn Terrill: Jan’s block; wall hanging.
Sherry Nusbaum: Thimble block; Christmas block for Jan; and English paper
piecing tote.
Cindy Reed: Grandmother’s hand piece flower garden quilt hand quilted by Cindy.
Beth Mazella: 2011 raffle quilt top.
Stacy Martin: Shades of purple quilt.

Thursday, December 9, 7:00 p.m. Regular monthly business meeting. Don’t forget to come and socialize and work on a project anytime after 5:00 P.M. Bring a sack lunch. This is our Christmas “tea”. Remember to bring a real tea cup, your tea blocks and a dessert to share.
Saturday, December 4, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. –Christmas in the Hills. If you haven’t already let Pat Cerney know when you will be able to help, please let her know.

Tips: To help keep seams from pulling loose
when you paper-foundation-piece, begin and
end each line of stitching ¼” beyond the seam
line. All of your seams should cross. After
sewing, trim each seam allowance to ¼” and
press in place before adding the next patch.

Quilters, it is time to start thinking about what quilts you can show at Christmas in the Hills! Below is the form to use when getting your quilts ready. This show includes any quilt that has not been shown at a previous Christmas in the Hills show. Please fill out the information and pin the form to each quilt you plan to have shown.

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Quilt Show
Christmas in the Hills 2010
By the Minnekahta Quilt Guild

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