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April Newsletter



April 14, 2011


President Elaine Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. There were 27 members present and 2 guests, Gina and Leslie Elmore.


Delores Hagman moved to approve the minutes from the March 2011 meeting and Cora seconded the motion. Unanimous approval. Shirley recorded the March minutes, in the absence of Secretary Judy.


Laurna Nelson read the Treasurer's report. The beginning balance being $4,622.27 and income deposited from 2011 membership dues is $210.00 and expenses paid out to Bev Carlson are $97.70 leaving an ending balance of $4,734.57. Julie Standen moved to approve the report as read and Margaret Ellen seconded the motion.


There are now 54 members in the guild this year. Judy Gifford is resigning from the secretary position so we will be looking for someone to take over that position.


Margaret Ellen, Elaine Anderson, and Ann Powers are the members who will be hanging quilts for the month of May.


Caroline has the new Quilters magazine and it will be put into the library.


Helen had no report.


Joan announced that for the May meeting we are to sort thru our stash and get a fat quarter that is the ugliest fabric we have, so we can do an ugly fabric challenge contest. We are to bring it to the meeting in a plain wrapper or somehow so no one else will be able to see what it is and we will all vote for the ugliest piece of fabric and the owner of the winning fabric will win a prize. Then at the June workday we will follow up with a piece of fabric to make a block using a new technique.

Beth announced that last month was the last month to get our blocks finished so that the recipients can get them put together. So we won't have any more Block of the month drawings until August.

We are to work on our 2011 Centennial Block Harvest fair blocks and plan to show them in the month of July.

Ballots were passed around to get our ideas and opinions for what everyone wanted to do for block of the month from now on. (Edit. See end of Newsletter for ballot results.) We want to hear your great ideas. The new idea will be announced in July and in August we will begin the new block of the month. So in May, June and July work on your fair blocks.




Rosie Elmore and her two daughters, Leslie and Gina, were present at this time. Rosie was presented with two quilts. The first, a quilt from Christa Achtenberg that she and Deb Winter made for Rosie. The quilt was entitled “Modern Rose”. The second, was a quilt made with blocks contributed from Guild members, with a western and gardening theme, including pictures of Rosie and her horses.

SUMMER SHOW: Ann and Brian Powers will be chairing a summer quilt show. They have obtained permission to have it on the veranda of the Evans Hotel. A committee will need to be generated to help with this event. We need helpers as it will be during the same weekend of the arts and crafts in the park and the Miss SD pageant. The date for this is Saturday June 25th. We will need to know who is going to be around then and willing to work on that Saturday and also who is willing to donate quilts to be hung. A sheet was passed around for sign up to help work and to hang quilts.

A motion was made by Beth to proceed with the quilt show and the motion was seconded by Stacey.

DISCUSSION: Blocks for the New Zealand and Japan earthquake crisis were discussed and it was mentioned that the New Zealand website says we are not to just send blocks but they wanted finished quilts instead of just quilt blocks or a cash donation. A motion was made to send $200.00 to the New Zealand and Japan earthquake crisis by way of the Red Cross. Discussion followed and motion failed by a show of hands.


FAIR: Karen spoke about the fair this year and we will have the same awards as last year with the exception of an award from Nuts and Bolts in that this year they will be donating a $25.00 gift certificate to be given away for the harvest block. We will be collecting quilting items in June for the winner's basket so bring any quilting items that will make a nice winners basket.


The B H Quilt Show is June 10-12 with quilt registration due by May 3rd.

The Chadron Festival of Quilts is the weekend of April 15 thru 17th.

Copies of the current by-laws are available and every member is encouraged to get a copy.

The 2012 raffle quilt center is done but it needs a vine appliquéd on the border. We are looking for anyone (4 people) to appliqué on it. It is needed back by June to put the corners together.

The 2011 quilt is done and tickets are available to start selling.

NEXT BUSINESS MEETING: May 12th at 7:00 p.m., brown bag social at 5:00 p.m

NEXT WORKDAY: May 7th at 9:00 a.m. with noon potluck.

ADJOURN: Jan W. motioned for meeting to adjourn and motion was seconded by Pat C.

PROGRAM: Presentation of quilts to Rosie.


Laurna Nelson: Round robin block

Elaine Anderson: Round robin block, Laurna's block

Pat Martin: Hummingbird block for Pearl, Fall block for Caroline, Heart block for Laurna, Iris Block for Ginny, Round robin block for Sandy Taylor, two blocks for Margaret Ellen, picture of William Morris' bed runner, two wall hangings

Carolyn Terrill: Laurna's block

Julie Standen: Round robin block for Cindy Reed, Laurna's block, two blocks for New Zealand earthquake, four autumn table runners, showed round robin quilts completed by Ann Powers and Caroline Standen

Sheryl Brost: Yo Yo square, Snowman wall hanging, 2 Heart blocks for New Zealand, Laurna's block

Marilyn Rowley:Laurna's heart block

Bobbie Augustine: Laurna's heart block, 2 blocks for Margaret Ellen, 2 heart blocks for New Zealand

Cora Fugier: Laurna's heart block

Deloris Hagman - Laurna's heart block

Karen Meston - 2 Dear Jane blocks for Margaret Ellen, heart block for Laurna

Margaret Bartolome - Laurna's block, hanky wall hanging

Jan Weisser - Laurna's Round Robin, Laurna's block, Autumn Sisters quilt

Ginny Coates - Round Robin block, Laurna's heart block, Pat's thimble block, bag from Fort Dodge, Iowa

Ruth Angerhofer: fair theme quilt by Material Girls, 4th of July table runner

Lynda Andersen: Tile Block, candle mat, 15 minute table runner, spring flowers table runner, winter block exchange from Material Girls

Sandy Taylor: Round Robin block

Delores Hickman - Laurna's block

Stacey Martin: Trapunto block example

Cindy Reed: Laurna's heart block, round robin block

Sherry Nusbaum: Pat Martin's block, 2 blocks for Margaret Ellen, Laurna's block, and appliqué quilt

Beth Mazzella: 2 blocks for Laurna, round robin block, pie wall hanging, fantasy island wall hanging

Joan Nettinga: Table runner

Christa Achtenberg and Deb Winter: Modern Rose quilt


Thursday, May 12, 7:00 p.m. Regular monthly business meeting. Don't forget to come and socialize and work on a project anytime after 5:00 P.M. Bring a sack lunch.

Saturday, May 7, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. -This is a work on your own day. Lots of possibilities; work on your blocks for Christmas in the Hills, your Harvest Block for the Fair, your tea set, and/or charity quilts. Remember to bring a potluck dish to share.

Tips: Stuck for a border design? Try creating a border unit that repeats an element from a unit or group of units in the body of the quilt design.

Block of the Month Balloting:


What our balloting proved is that we are a flexible group ready to try different projects and yet comfortable with what we've done. Thank you to all who participated.

Block of the Month: 9 voted for a calendar/monthly theme, 8 to continue the "winner's choice" approach, 5 to do a BOM and keep the block for yourself, and 5 for a random 'winner gets whatever approach'. There were 2 suggestions, first to draw a random block design for the month and second, to do this every other month. We had 10 votes for a mystery quilt over a 3-4 month time frame and one emphatic NO to this project. Doing a Sudoku puzzle in fabric or fracturing a poster/picture and replicating it in fabric both got 4 votes. Under "how about?", small wall hangings (Patchabilities style) and wool/felt projects were suggested. There were 4 write-in votes for a cookie block exchange (make x number of the same block and share them).

In July, the next series will be announced and we'll plan to get started for the fall. Don't forget to do a block for the Block Harvest for the Centennial of the Fall River Co Fair. See you and your projects at the Fair.

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