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May Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2011
CALL MEETING TO ORDER: President Elaine Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. There were 26 members present and no guests.

MINUTES: There were no corrections to the minutes of the last meeting. Ginny Coates moved to approve the minutes, and Laurna Nelson seconded the motion. No discussion. Unanimous approval.

TREASURER: Laurna Nelson read the Treasurer’s report. The current balance is $4,779.57. Pat Sheltens moved to approve the report as presented, and Caroline Standen
seconded the motion. No discussion. Unanimous approval.



VP: Quilts to be hung today are from Elaine Anderson, Ann Powers and Margaret Ellen Bartolome. Quilts to be hung in June will be provided by Shirley Green, Deloris Hagman and Helen Schillinger.

LIBRARIAN: Carolyn announced that gifts from Ellen Schwartz are available for check-out: light box and projector, and numerous wonderful quilting books. The Secretary will send a thank-you note to Ellen.

HISTORIAN: No report.

PROGRAM: The program this evening is the “ugly fat quarter contest.”
Fabrics contributed to the contest and any other ugly fabrics that people want to donate will be used at the June work day (June 4th) to create something for which Joan Nettinga will provide the pattern. The supply list for this project is attached.
Joan announced that there is a class tentatively scheduled for September 23rd and 24th. The instructor will be Ann Sines from Bear’s Den, who combines artistic creativity with technical expertise. There will be a trunk show on Friday evening, and the class will be Saturday.
Attendees will make a wall hanging using watercolor shade fabric crayons. A supply list will be provided. Ann Powers offered to stock the fabric crayons at Heartsong.
If you need a nametag printed for your Guild nametag, please let Joan know.

Charity Quilts: Please turn in heart blocks for New Zealand to Mary Sue Waxler within the
next two weeks. Beth Mazzella will print/provide a label for the back of the quilt.

Fair basket: Helen Schillinger has provided a basket; all we need to do is fill it with prize-winner items, such as fat quarters, thread, notions, embellishments. Please bring contributions to the next business meeting, June 9th.
Summer Quilt Show: Ann and Brian Powers are organizers for this Guild quilt show, which will be held on the Evans porch on June 25th, in conjunction with Arts in the Park and the Miss SD parade. If you would like to display a quilt, please register by June 9th (see attached form). The show will be free. Guild members will be selling tickets for the raffle quilt (drawing at Christmas in the Hills). Also, Ann and Brian will donate a quilt to be raffled on June 25th—proceeds of this raffle will go to cover expense of the display, publicity, etc., and any remainder will go to the Guild. If you wish to sell a quilt, put a price tag and contact information on it. (The Guild will not be responsible for selling your quilt.)
Anyone may display a quilt, not just Guild members. A copy of the registration form will be printed in the Hot Springs Star. In the past, quilters from Custer have participated in Guild shows here. Quilts can be delivered to The Quilt Shop in Custer and a courier who works at the VA will bring them down to Heartsong, and return them again to Custer.
Ann Powers passed around a sign-up sheet for Guild members to help set up, tear down, and stay with the quilts during the day. If you can help, please give Ann or Julie a call at Heartsong.

Get Well and Sympathy cards: Please contact Mary Sue Waxler if a card should be sent on behalf of the Guild.

1. Laurna has made raffle tickets, saving the Guild megabucks. (You can make
perforations by running your sewing machine needle across the paper. Without thread.) Get your tickets to sell from Laurna. Laurna will be responsible for moving the quilt display among various businesses.
2. Black Hills Quilt Show—registration is now closed.
3. There is such a thing as a sheet iron cleaner. Elaine purchased some and it is in the cupboard with the irons for use at workdays.
4. Mary Sue Waxler has been appointed replacement secretary for the remainder of the year.

NEXT BUSINESS MEETING: June 9, 2011, at 7:00 p.m., with brown bag social beginning at 5:00 p.m.

NEXT WORKDAY: June 4, 2011, beginning at 9:00 a.m. with noon potluck. Projects: ugly fabric event.

ADJOURN: Joan Nettinga moved to adjourn the meeting and Cindy Reed seconded the motion. The motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 7:42 p.m.


PROGRAM: There were 14 entries in the ugly fabric contest. Three of those entries received no votes. The winner, with Philadelphia Eagles fabric, was Shirley Green, who won a gift certificate at HeartSong.

Elaine: cubed amoeba quilt
Julie: Ginny’s round-robin
Delores Hickman: patriotic wall hanging, 10-minute table runner, 2 quilts.
Ginny: round-robin for Laurna
Caroline: 3 banners and Beth’s round robin
Ann: Elaine’s round robin and ice cream social quilt
Marilyn: round-robin for Pat Martin, ladybug table runner
Jan: tulip quilt
Carolyn: landscape wall hanging
Nancy: crazy star block
Sandy: Hawaiian fabric quilt, round robin for Marilyn
Cindy: round robin for Julie
Laurna: round robin for Jan
Bobbie: china cupboard wall hanging
Shirley: 2 embroidery samplers
Margaret: mauve quilt
Jean: machine quilted sampler quilt, flower garden quilt

Thursday, June 9, 7:00 p.m. Regular monthly business meeting. Don’t forget to come and socialize and work on a project anytime after 5:00 P.M. Bring a sack lunch.
Saturday, June 4, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. –Ugly Fabric project or you can work on your own project. Lots of possibilities; work on your blocks for Christmas in the Hills, your Harvest Block for the Fair, your tea set, and/or charity quilts. Remember to bring a potluck dish to share.
Tips: If a quilt is made to be used and will be washed, some quilters like to loosely zigzag the edge after the quilting is finished and then wash the quilt before adding the binding. Heavily quilted areas will shrink more than those that are lightly quilted, leading to uneven, distorted edges. Once the quilt is washed, it can be blocked and dried flat before the edge is cleaned up and binding is added.

Ugly Fabric Supply List:
Jewels in the Rough Cutting Instructions
You will need three fabrics to go with your Ugly fabric: a coordinating light fabric, a coordinating medium fabric and a black or black-on-black print fabric.
From your Ugly fabric: Cut eight 2 x 5” rectangles
From the black or black tonal print: Cut one 3.5 x 18” strip
Cut two 2 x 10” strips
Cut eight 2” squares
Cut four 2 x 12.5” strips
From the medium coordinate: Cut one 2 x 18” strip
Cut one 2 x 10” strip
Cut four 2” squares
From the light coordinate:
Cut one 3.5” square
Cut eight 2” squares

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